Is Bigstring self destructing the free email accounts?

Bigstring Corp. in 2006 developed Bigstring to provide Bigstring email allowing the user control, security and privacy over their transmitted email. BigString has provided free email accounts messaging service that allowing users to send, recall, erase, self-destruct and secure email correspondence.  In March 2009, Bigstring launched PeopleString Corp. and has maintained holdings of about 30% of their stock. Similar features of bigstring email technology has been incorporated into PeopleString free email accounts.

BigString Then

Initially Bigstring email permitted users to send recallable, erasable and self-destructing emails, photos, and video. BigStrings patent-pending technology rendered emails, pictures and video non-printable or non-savable - all which could be accomplished before or after the recipient read the correspondence and regardless of what Internet service provider was being used. The emails could even be edited after having been read by the recipient!

BigString Now

I've been a heavy user of the free email account Bigstring provides from almost their beginning and had been quite satisfied with the offerings. However, recently I've noticed significant changes in the functionality as well as a decline in the reliability of Bigstrings free email accounts. Sign ups for new users appears to be closed as the option to register is conspicuously missing from the homepage. Previously I could always rely on my Bigstring email to actually expire, self destruct or reflect any changes made at the recipients end. That is no longer true. While my recallable email (self-destructing email) is sent and arrives as it should -  they now never show changes I've made to the recipient. I've also experienced several emails remaining available and readable to the recipient following expiration at my end. That's not how it's supposed to work! Other recent changes of the Bigstring free email accounts including the absence of video email.

With sign ups to the world's coolest email apparently closed there aren't many Bigstring alternatives (free email accounts with email tracking and self destructive features) available. Fortunately however - this technology is merged (for the most part) with Peoplestring free email accounts. The following are currently available features of the PeopleString free email accounts with 2GB of storage.

PeopleString free email accounts
  • Regular email
  • Regular email with email tracking
  • Recall email (recallable email or erasable email)
  • self-destructing email
Email tracking allows you to view the IP address of the recipient and well as when and how many times the email was opened (and presumably read). You can even send the recallable email as if it came from any of your other email accounts (gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc.). Even Gmail does not have this email tracking feature!

With the recallable email option selected the sender can either place a time limit  or a view limit on the transmitted email. The recallable email will then self-destruct after that view or time limit is reached.

So far I've not had an email sent from my peoplestring free email account fail to self destruct or expire as it should. While the PeoplesString site claims that emails are able to be edited after being sent I've never seen even an option that would allow me to do so as I could with BigString email in days long past. The email tracking works exceptionally well in documenting the number of views and IP address of the recipient.

So, whether you're looking for a BigString alternative, free email accounts, or email tracking with self destructing features - a PeopleString email account may be just what you're looking for!

Click here and register for your PeopleString free email accounts.


My question is, where is the PeopleString email now? I can't access it neither nor can find it within the dashboard...???


Mohd Radi - PeopleString abruptly terminated the email service of the program on Sept. 20, 2012. They offered no reasoning and a 7-day notice.
"Dear Members,

Notice: Effective September 20th, 2012, PeopleString will be the ending the email portion of our services. Unfortunately you will no longer be able to receive emails, send emails, or access any of your old emails after this date. All accounts have been granted POP3 & IMAP access allowing you to back up any email using an email client such as Microsoft Outlook. Instructions for the POP3 settings can be found in PeopleString's FAQS under the email section or by using the link"


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